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Cute striking Sky blue bermudas with anchor icon at the back of the pocket. 

Easy to match with any tops or shirts. 

Comfortable material. 

Available in dark blue and sky blue!



Size Chart


Size 100 (3-4Y)     Waist: 21.0cm    Hip : 29.5cm   Length: 32.0cm   

Size 110 (4-5Y)     Waist: 24.0cm    Hip: 30.5cm    Length: 35.0cm   

Size 120 (5-6Y)     Waist: 24.5cm    Hip: 31.5cm    Length: 35.5cm   

Size 130 (6-7Y)     Waist: 26.5cm    Hip: 34.0cm    Length: 37.5cm    

Size 140 (7-8Y)     Waist: 27.0cm    Hip: 35.0cm    Length: 40.0cm   

Size 150 (8-9Y)     Waist: 27.5cm    Hip: 36.0cm    Length: 42.0cm   

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