Okiddo Kabutomushi & Dragonfly Boy Suit

$39.90 SGD

Item: Okiddo Collection - Kabutomushi and Dragonfly 2PC Kimono (Jinbei) Boy Suit 
Fabric: 100% Japanese cotton
Texture: Smooth Flat (Dobby Weave)
Pattern: Dragonfly (Tonbo トンボ) and Samurai Helmet Bug (Kabutomushi)
To the Japanese, it symbolizes summer and autumn and am admired and respected all over, so much so that the Samurai use it as a symbol of power, agility and best of all, Victory. The Japanese rhinoceros beetle, known as Kabutomushi in Japanese, is the “King of Insects” in Japan due to its popularity. Kabuto is the Japanese word for a samurai helmet, while mushi means bug, so the literal meaning is "samurai helmet bug. 

Set comes with : Adjustable top and stretchable shorts  

Suggested Size to take : 

Size 90 (8m-2yo)
Size 100(2- 3yo)
Size 110(3-4yo)
Size 120(4-5yo)
Size 130(5-6yo)
Size 140(6-7yo) 

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