Okiddo Bronzing Round Crane Boy/Girl Suit

$39.90 SGD

Item: Okiddo Original - Bronzing Round Crane 2PC Kimono (Jinbei) Suit (RED)

Fabric: 100% Japanese cotton
Texture: Smooth flat with bronzing
Pattern: Crane (Tsuru)
In Japan, the crane or tsuru, is a national treasure. It is the symbol of longevity and good luck because it was thought to have a life span of a thousand years.

Set comes with : Adjustable top and stretchable shorts  

Suggested Size to take : 

Size 90 (8m-2yo)
Size 100(2- 3yo)
Size 110(3-4yo)
Size 120(4-5yo)
Size 130(5-6yo)
Size 140(6-7yo) 

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