Yew Tee Point Bazaar (27& 28 Dec 2014) December 31 2014

HELLO!  It's the LAST DAY OF THE YEAR 2014!!

We have started since Aug 2014 till now.. and we have been progressing good so far.

Thank you for all your support all these while. 

We wouldn't have make it without you guys! :D

And Yes! If you had joined us last weekend at YTP, we would like to say A BIG THANK YOU!! 

We had so much fun and we are warmly welcome by the neighborhood. 

Received many compliments for our pretty little clothes from the people there. 

Here are some photos taken there,do spot your pics. :D 

This is our humble little setup for the 2 days. :) 

Received a huge crowd on a Sunday morning :D 

Met this very friendly Indian Mummy with her cute little 2 boys. She bought a lot of clothes from us for her boys! Thank you for your support Mummy! :D 

And we bump into these cute little girls who loved our sunglasses! :) See how cool are they with the shades!! #girlscanbecooltoo 

And we have restocked our shades for this bazaar! By the way, this is hot selling item so far.. Limited stocks left! Do stay tuned with us. :) 

Well, well, what's this? Guess, i don't have to explain further! YES IT'S PRINCESS ELSA DRESS! #allgirl'sfavourite

And this is the last piece (size 100) we have after the bazaar! 

Click this link to order:


If you have missed us last weekend, you still can shop online.   :) 

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Lastly, TWOKITZ wishes everyone a HAPPY 2015 ahead!! 

xoxo! See you next year! 

Signing off, 

Twokitz Team